Google's Selfie Station photo booth

Selfie Station, the life of the party

It’s summertime and party season is upon us — Independence Day barbecues, family reunions, and company picnics. Capture the memories by renting a Selfie Station photo booth.

Make it part of the entertainment plan because somehow it inspires people to become their own entertainment! The guests look for the photo booth instead of the photographer diligently trying to snap everyone. Finally mom (or whoever the usual picture-taker is at your events) will actually be in some of the pictures! Proof that she was there and having a blast with everyone else. Don’t let her hide behind the camera anymore.

Party shot!

Mom and any perpetual photo-taker, even the shy ones, might be surprised how much fun they can have with a Selfie Station. Time in front of the Selfie Station camera is hardly ever a solo event, but part of the social, get-the-party-started atmosphere. However, if someone should want to ham it up alone, get their glamour shot on, just them and the camera, it can be arranged. The Selfie Station attendant can set up, provide props, and probably distract crowds!

The photo booth takes pictures when the party-goer is ready. It lets them add to, change or create a background, and then, at their prompting, it shares the pictures with their friends and family on social media. The booth also provides print outs and online albums for the host. And as a photo booth feature, the pictures remind everyone where all this fun happened. The frame or background can be personalized to the event, sporting the company or family name along with fireworks and the July 4th date if appropriate.

Life of the party

A lot of horsing around happens at these things, but we’re not kidding — the Selfie Station adds to the fun of any event and all the happenings. The photo booth attracts people like a magnet to a refrigerator. And they come smiling and laughing and ready to strut for the camera. It’s easy to do with Selfie Station photo booth because it has no walls! When captured digitally, it looks like love of family, barbecue, holidays and the company. And that becomes the memory.

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