Essential for a rocking graduation party

You know food is just about the most important thing at any party, and when the guests are swarms of teens, food will be essential. But after food and drink, the thing that is going to make your graduation party memorable is the memory-maker, the Selfie Station photo booth.

It doesn’t take up much space, but it sure adds lots of excitement and energy. It’s everyone’s chance to finally take a good selfie! Toddlers and grandmas are equally amused. Grab them and snap. It’s so easy when you don’t have to squeeze everyone into a small, tight, dark box.

Add props and themes

Adding props adds fun too. It’s suddenly like a costume party or a masquerade that allows people to let their freak out— just a little! If your party has a theme, let the Selfie Station enhance it with props, but also with the green screen. It’s not just for big-budget movies! Your beach-themed party can look like it’s taking place in Hawaii. A life-is-an-adventure party theme has so many green-screen possibilities! A balloon ride? Mountain climbing? Space walk? If your theme is a simple color or maybe school colors, the Selfie Station attendant (you didn’t think they’d leave you to figure it all out alone, did you?) will provide a colored background for your pictures; it could even be personalized.

Bonus graduation gifts

Before the party’s done the fun had by all will trend on social media. That makes the graduate happy; #popular — that’s its own special gift. The photo album created by the Selife Station photo booth is just a bonus on the bonus.

Yes, food is the most important thing at the party, but it’s not what they’ll remember. The photo booth pictures will capture the joy of the day and spark memories for years to come.

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