Selfie Station festival season

Foodies and photos say, ‘yum’

Beer, Shakespeare, jazz, and artichokes. What do they have in common? The ability to draw people together for a celebratory, party-like atmosphere. Welcome to festival season! Event planners are scrambling to make their berry festival sweeter, their pork fests more savory, their art and wine events more approachable. A Selfie Station photo booth supplies that extra pizzazz, that extra zing, that great buzz that a festival’s wine can’t do alone. Plant the photo stations around the event like the tulip and garlic bulbs. Festival-goers will share the fun they are having multiple times over. Or, if you’re running a booth, rent one to promote your brand.

Advantages to a Selfie Station

In these outdoor venues, the Selfie Station photo booth provides several advantages over the old-style dark booths. Not only does it take up minimal space, but the natural light makes for better quality pictures. The festival-goers will look great and will instantly tell all their friends via social media, texts, and email. Every post and send publicizes the event — for free!

Another advantage of Selfie Stations: The ability to create a custom frame. So folks know immediately what event it is. And the frame distinguishes the Basque fiesta from the Cuban sandwich festival, the Italian fair from the Greek fest. Actually, these very special photo booths use the best of modern technology to create a variety of unique picture styles.

Selfie Station good for business

Whether you’re raising awareness or money, the photo booth will help you. If it’s about highlighting your crop or your city, the Selfie Station knows how to put the focus on it.

Every season traditionally sports a reason to hold a festival. Tradition calls for everything from prayer to rain dances to usher in planting or harvesting. Bounty as well as hope is reason to come together. Whenever people gather, bring out the camera! Any festival will benefit from making a Selfie Station photo booth part of its entertainment.

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