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Stand out with the best photo booth

If you’re a photo booth owner who’s built your business on weddings and birthday parties, we’ve got a tip for you. Businesses can build your business. They are looking for what you’ve got — if you have a state-of-the-art, high-tech photo booth like Selfie Station. You can legitimately sell yourself as a marketing wizard.

Selfies have brought a new look to the marketing scene for businesses, and businesses are loving it. Sell the benefits of selfies as a marketing tool to businesses in your area and increase your business tomorrow. So how do selfies benefit businesses?

They get businesses name in the public eye

With a Selfie Station photo booth, you and a business can create a custom frame with the company name and logo. You can make backdrops with logos and products and events. And all the pictures taken can be spread to social media. Every picture taker is sharing your name with their hundreds of friends and followers.

They make businesses searchable

Add a hashtag to pictures via your Selfie Station photo booth and the business and pictures become something folks will find in a search. Be creative with hashtags to bring in people looking for something the company offers or provides, even when the searchers don’t know the business name … yet.

They de-stuffify businesses so they can share their character

Selfies give companies a human face. Bye-bye, stuffy corporate image. Smiling faces can make a company approachable. People enjoying themselves suggests a good, positive place. Real people make an entity more trustworthy. Viewers do believe they learn something about a company from the pictures they see of staff and events. Remind your clients of this and become an expert on “reading” pictures.

They invite engagement

Selfies encourage customers to chat, talk, share and even complain. They can be a barometer of how people are reacting to your brand. And it can change the temperature because of the usual positive affect of a fun selfie. Also, that engagement opens a door for you to respond and engage back with a present or potential customer.

Businesses control picture quality and the message — when they use your photo booth

Not all selfies are created equally. Random selfies taken by a bad camera phone within a company’s walls or showing off their logo might not be the publicity they want. They can’t necessarily control their existence. But they can make sure quality pictures with that Selfie Station professional edge are being shared in social spaces. They want to make sure of that. They want to control their branding. That’s a photo booth owner’s selling point.

Don’t give up your weddings, but talk yourself into some company gigs to really fill up your calendar.

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