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4 hot wedding trends for 2017

Modern wedding planning has become a great undertaking in recent years. With so many great ideas out there, sometimes it’s hard to figure out what is really right for you. To help you narrow down what is really the “in” thing to do, here are 4 hot wedding tips for 2017.

1. Vintage-themed weddings are so in
With the wedding industry becoming so saturated with any number of ways to get married, but a common theme these days is to do a vintage themed wedding. While vintage can be a very general term, focus in on what kind of vision you have for your wedding. Is it more country esque, or more suave and elegant?

2. Off-peak season wedding
For most, setting the date is always step one. What some people have found is that there is a huge loophole to the rush for good dates in the spring or early fall. By going off peak season, typically early winter or late winter, people can get great deals on otherwise heavily booked venues.

3. Photo booths are now an industry standard
In today’s day and age, photo booth technology has become so advanced it is very easy to do pop up photo booths. The market offers hundreds of companies available to do it affordably and conveniently. They can do high quality photos with high quality prints, right there on the spot. Not to mention they can share the excitement of your special day instantly via social media.

4. DJ vs. Live Band?
A hotly debated topic for many years, the DJ vs. live band argument is still around. While both are tried and true methods for music at any wedding reception, the modern age has definitely seen the rise of the DJ. While most people will contend that a band is a “timeless” way to do music, DJ’s in the current music atmosphere have shown to keep with the pace of celebrations better than a band.

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