Selfie Station photo booth at your charity event

3.5 reasons you want a Selfie Station photo booth at your charity event

Most charity events share at least these two goals: Raise money and attract people to the cause. If that’s true for your event, add a Selfie Station photo booth to your recreation must-have list and watch your numbers rise. Watch your group’s profile rise as well. Here are 3-plus ways it happens.

    Happy people give more

  1. … and when you’re using the Selfie Station photo booth, you’re happy. We’ve got evidence; we’ve seen the smiling, happy pictures. Additionally, studies show you will be happier, if you smile. And a person on the receiving end of a smile might also have a mood lift. So making people smile makes them happy, and happy people give more freely.

    Your name is seen by more people

  1. Place your branded Selfie Station photo booth right outside your venue and let everyone — even the nonguests — see your name. Also, make sure each photo frame features the name of your organization and your event so your guests won’t forget you even when the event is over. And while its in progress, they will promote you. The Selfie Station photo booth lets them post, tweet, and more. Your organization will be the toast of the social media world! And what happens on the Internet stays on the Internet. Expect people to see your charity’s name again and again.

    Inexpensive charity event entertainment

  1. Keep overhead low so more money goes to the charity. Donors check! Many want to know how much money actually goes to the charity. A Selfie Station photo booth is a value that pays for itself.

Easy set up

3.5 Because someone else is doing it! Your booth rental comes with an attendee who sets up and breaks down as well as helps guests get better pictures and more of them. That’s one less thing for the event planner to worry about, and again creating value.

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