3 ideas for a perfect wedding

Planning your wedding can be overwhelming. Ask any former bride, she’ll tell you wedding options and decisions are endless. Every couple looks forward to a perfect wedding day, but getting there doesn’t always look perfect. Get out your perfect wedding planning checklist because we have some invaluable tips to make your wedding extra special.

wedding_portraits_12Don’t let your wedding be boring….

Have a general idea of the number of guests who will be attending your special day. This is important to keep in mind when deciding on the type and weight of the entertainment, food, small things like table settings, nametags and more. Knowing how many guests is key to budgeting for food, activities, venues, basically, everything.

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Everyone wants to capture the beautiful memories and, harkening back to No. 1, make it all fun and easy for your guests. There’s no better way to break the ice and get your guests talking and laughing than a photo booth. Plus everyone gets a souvenir or 10 of your special day to print, text, email or share on social media. Buy a photobooth, and you’ll see just how much of a hit it is on your big day. A Selfie Station purchase can make your big day a hit rather than a miss!

Selfie Station offers a sleek, high-quality, touchscreen photo booth with dozens of add-ons and options to make your wedding day even more special. Custom frames mean your wedding memories will get a second life on your guests’ fridges and Facebook walls.

Your vendors know vendors who know vendors and so on. Let your vendors lead you to other potential contacts for your perfect wedding (and potential discounts). For example, your reception manager can lead you to a fantastic florist, who can lead you to an impeccable photographer, who in turn may lead to you a great band or DJ. Ask your friends, too. If you had a great time at cousin Jill’s wedding, have her introduce you.

Now that you’ve got the fresh scoop on how to plan for and survive your big day, get to the planning!

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