Activities to add to the photo booth fun

What do you get when you mix adventurous people, activities and a Selfie Station photo booth? A good time, of course! Here are a couple of activities to try at your next event, whether it’s a corporate meeting or a bar mitzvah.

  1. Vogue! Have the fun people use the green screen feature and strike a pose; there’s nothing to it. Reach into a hat for a random adventure, and the photo booth attendant will add it to the picture and suddenly the guests appear to be enjoying an exciting, picture-perfect adventure. Who knew the Alps, the pyramids, and the Great Wall were so accessible? Bonus: Encourage each guests or guest group to strike two or three poses so they can use the GIF feature.
  2. For team-building, put people into groups of three to six randomly. (Have numbers on their chairs, plates, or programs.) Then players have to locate the members of their group—those with the same number—and find something all members have in common (besides the reason that drew everyone to the event). Then the group heads to the selfie booth. There, they need to represent their commonality in poses or with props. The game could end there. But for further team-building take advantage of the photo booth’s print-out feature. (Be sure to include your logo on the picture!) Hang or pass the 4×6 photo and have to each table or each group figure out what the pictured group members have in common. This photo booth game can be varied and adjusted to fit your time and group needs. Share what ways you tried!
  3. Filter it! Take your best shot — props or not — and afterward pick a number. Each filter will be associated with a number and it will be applied to the picture! That one is for the party host. Play with the filters until you find your favorite. The Selfie Station photo booth comes with many fun filter options. Maybe you like comic book instead of the Warhol that the host is getting. Press a button and this photo booth delivers.

Check out more photo booth game ideas. And please, share yours!

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