Add a Selfie Station to the Pomp and Circumstance

Schools everywhere should rent a Selfie Station photo booth or two for graduation night (or day) as a gift to the students. Those kids have worked hard to get to this moment. It’s been a long road. They are giddy with excitement. This keeps the night from being ruined with poor quality pictures and dead phone batteries.

Everyone one is willing to stop at the photo booth to take a picture with their favorite graduate — proud parents and grandparents, siblings who normally can’t stand the sight of them, favorite teachers, and, of course, classmates. And the aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who couldn’t make it to the ceremony wait excitedly to see the pictures pop into their Facebook feed. And they will pop. With Selfie Station’s ability to immediately share pictures, the graduates and other photo booth users will flood social media with their happy, fun pictures practically while the ceremony is still in progress!

And guess what, generous gift-giving school: It’s some of the best publicity you are going to get. Look, actual graduates! Happy, educated people with diplomas, ready to take the next step. Whether it’s college, a job, ninth grade, or first grade, you’re the school that got them there. What a great school that must be! Be sure your school colors and symbol are in the backdrop of the graduation pictures so everyone knows your name. This is the kind of branding you want. Invite your school mascot to attend. This is the day even the people who don’t know who’s in the outfit will want to be seen with the mascot in front of the Selfie Station camera.

Graduation day’s exhilaration will have even the shy ones sticking 2017 glasses on their faces and jumping in front of the Selfie Station lens. The Selfie Station photo booth attendant can provide props that will make the photos worth printing and the album worth compiling. This is one of the happiest moments in the best times of their lives — totally worth looking back on years from now. Totally worth having a photo booth there can capture those graduation moments for them.

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