An event to remember

The No. 1 worry of any party planner is whether people will get along. Will they mix? Will they mingle? They count on something to be an icebreaker.

There’s something to help with that. There’s one surefire way to make sure your guests mix, mingle and remember your event: A photo entertainment center.

Enter Selfie Station. Our freestanding, open-air photo booth is the perfect icebreaker. Your Selfie Station attendant is ready to draw your guests in and get the smiles growing and the laughter rolling. Watch your party take off as your guests grin, guffaw and mug for the camera while they make new friends and priceless memories from your amazing event.

Best of all, guests get an unforgettable keepsake from your event to print, email, text or post. At the end of it all, you have all the photos as well. Custom branded photo frames ensure that no one forgets your special event because it says it right on their favorite photos.


Instant memories. Instant connections. A friendly attendant encourages you and your guests to mug, cheese, cheer and laugh while taking expert selfies. Everyone gets a  souvenir of your fabulous soiree to print, text, email or post to Facebook and Twitter. Add a custom frame to commemorate your event. Invite Selfie Station to your next party.

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