Best features of the Selfie Station photo booth

Best features of the Selfie Station photo booth

Ever wanted to stand on an elephant, pose in front of the famous Taj Mahal, balance on the tip of the Eiffel Tower or swim with dolphins?


Selfie Station — the boothless photo booth features a cutting-edge touchscreen, is visually stunning, and is a most impeccable addition to any wedding, party, corporate event, trade show, birthday or bar mitzvah. And you can be anywhere you want to be. This open-air entertainment photo booth’s features make the Selfie Station opportunities limitless.

2015-8-6-67613You can be anywhere you want sipping on your favorite drink.

Make sure your Selfie Station photo booth features great props — in addition to the large variety of other valuable functionalities — which never fail to bring out the user’s true kid at heart. They also will enjoy making GIFs, slo-mo videos and more.


Ready to soak in the sunshine in Cabo San Lucas?


Or try to right the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

The possibilities with the Selfie Station photo booth are endless. You can now produce high-quality pictures of your guests wherever you want. Your only limit is your imagination. The green screen is simply just one component of this fun photo booth. You can rent the Selfie Station for your next event — and use all these great photo booth features for yourself.

More than just your average photo booth.


Instant memories. Instant connections. A friendly attendant encourages you and your guests to mug, cheese, cheer and laugh while taking expert selfies. And they can’t take just one! Everyone gets a souvenir of your fabulous soiree to print, text, email or post to Facebook and Twitter. Add a custom frame to commemorate your event. Invite Selfie Station to your next party.