Selfie Station at your trade show is a big draw

Selfie Station at your trade show is a big draw

When you’re setting up your booth at a trade show, convention, or expo, you want to include a Selfie Station photo booth! Let our booth help your booth be the favorite of the show. Photo booths attract people, and isn’t that the goal of being a part of the trade show? Being a favorite at the show means your booth and your company get talked about. Attendees tell others about the booth they shouldn’t miss, the one they must see. Let that be your booth.


These potential customers and clients will talk about you to others at the show, but before that they will share personal information with you via the Selfie Station to help you contact them later. You won’t forget them, and they won’t forget you. Instead of the free pen or pencil or magnet, they walk away with your company name framing a picture of themselves — not something easily thrown away. They also will likely do some free advertising for you by using this photo booth’s ability to share the picture online via Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and more. And with your logo on those pictures, you’ve suddenly increased your reach and potentially your name brand recognition.

Master marketer

Try some of the other Selfie Station photo booth features to entice visitors in your direction. Try using the photo booth’s video feature to have patrons share in 10 seconds the great thing they learned about your company, product, or service. You can add it to your company web site and they can share it with their many online friends as well. The Selfie Station is a master marketer.

And it’s just the right size! We know how limited booth space is, but The Selfie Station photo booth works so well in this environment because it is only 18’’ wide! And it can be set up at an angle where each picture shows some aspect of your booth and business.

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