For the perfect festival add beer, wine, food and Selfie Station

For the perfect festival add beer, wine, food and Selfie Station

When you’re already at an outdoor festival, enjoying life, fresh air, and probably food, beer, and wine, what more do you need? You need a way to capture the memories! You need Selfie Station photo booths stationed around the event.

Like a giant phone, the photo booth encourages people to make a face or turn up a smile and then share it. Like a small, box-free photo booth, the Selfie Station creates souvenirs for the guests. With the Selfie Station, the camera-lovers can text or post — depending on how many people they want to share with — their pictures. And for a tangible keepsake they get a printout branded with the event logo and date.

Add to the festival fun

It won’t take much encouragement to have the fun-seeking festival-goers take pictures at multiple photo booths at the event. But make it more interesting for them. Set it up so that each station has different frames, perhaps each booth has a different sponsor. Sponsors’ names would be on the frame at their booth, of course. Use different features at different booths — green screen and filters on the west side of your arena, props to the north, light painting and backdrops at the east, and GIFs to the south.

Also, if this event is an effort to grow a business as well as get name-recognition, take advantage of the social media opportunity afforded you by the Selfie Station photo booth. The fun alone generally propels people to share information, but with the wine and beer festival, the potential for viral buzz is multiplied.

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