Just add costumes to the party experience

The quickest way to liven up any party is to add costumes. It’s an easy, affordable way to get your guests to come out of their shells and be their best silly selves.

Whether you ask Selfie Station to add the prop box to your event or you make your own costumes, you’ll have a ton of hilarious and memorable photos at the end of your event.


On a tight budget? A straw, tape and construction paper are your new BFFs. Basically, cut out any shape and tape it to your straw, voila, you have a mustache, star, heart, funny lips or whatever else your imagination can cook up.

Tip: Find solid colored straws, like black, so the straw design doesn’t steal the show.

Another great tip: Kick your props up a notch by using felt instead of paper.


Tap your guests inner Batman by handing them a fun mask. You can find all kinds of fun masks online and at your local craft store or costumes shop. If you like to bedazzle or play with some glue, bangles and glitter can take an ordinary mask to extraordinary one very quickly. A great way to bring your guests together is to have them decorate their own masks so they can showcase their personality.


It’s worked for Elton John for five decades, a fun pair of shades can bring out the cool in any party guest. Big glasses, little glasses, clown glasses, ’80s glasses, glasses with fake noses and mustaches. Well, there’s no end to the fun your guests can have with a dozen or so pairs of funky specs.


Another affordable option for photastic fun: Hats. Oversized foam hats, sombreros, construction helmets or glittery fedoras offer your guests an opportunity to showcase their personality and break out of their shells.


Get some colorful fabric and make your own. Shop the secondhand stores for one-of-a-kind items. Or use ours. Selfie Station photo booth prop boxes come with something to drape around your neck! Bring the fun with festive neckwear.

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. The same is true for your event. Memorable photos and blissed out guests are a flamboyant pair of glasses away. Whatever your theme, go wild in the costume department. Capture it all with a photo entertainment booth. Then, with a Selfie Station, send those pictures to all your friends via text or email and post them on Facebook and Twitter! Your guests will love it.


Instant memories. Instant connections. A friendly attendant encourages you and your guests to mug, cheese, cheer and laugh while taking expert selfies. Everyone gets a souvenir of your fabulous soiree to print, text, email or post to Facebook and Twitter. Add a custom frame to commemorate your event. Invite Selfie Station to your next party.

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