Photo booth for Corporate and Non-Profit Events

So why is a Photo booth for Corporate and Non-Profit Events so essential? Well, we all take pictures, and some are better than others. A quick scroll through anyone’s photo reel on their phone will show some great pictures- and some not-so-great pictures. And yet we keep taking the pictures anyway, even though they don’t all turn out.

Before we get too philosophical about it, this is because we all want great pictures. Putting up a designated spot at your event where your guests can have great pictures that they’ll refer back to for years to come as “Oh, that’s the picture from the ___ event. That was a fun night,” is a great way to create resonance with guests. This makes
photo booths an easy way to engage in organic marketing.

Why Hire a Photo booth for Corporate and Non-Profit Events?

Marketing Images

All companies want to show off how happy their employees are. There’s also no better way to do that than to catch pictures of them when they’re really happy. Offering a fun photo booth where they can play with props and organize themselves to have a good picture is a great way to showcase the kind of environment that your company

Brand Expansion

Some photo booths offer fully customizable branding experiences, where your company’s branding information can be incorporated into the photo booth. Often this looks like print-out or digital pictures with the company’s logo in the corner. This frames the evening as part of the company’s brand. This is a great way to expand the brand while creating clear associations between the fun of a photo booth and the brand itself. This is also great if employees share their pictures with their friends, who are also exposed to the brand.

Lasting Memories and Team Building

A picture is worth a thousand words and a million memories. Pictures from your corporate photo booth could easily be the office snapshot that your employees look back on fondly and say, “That’s my team.” It also ties in well with remembering how great the last corporate event was and wanting to go to the next one.

Team building is a constant work in progress. Team building is a huge motivation for throwing corporate events in the first place, so incorporating fun and easy ways to further that cooperative spirit fits well with your purpose. Photo booths provide a fun, low-stress environment for employees to interact and enjoy themselves and one

Create Social Presence

Pictures are incredibly important in today’s social media world, and easy, happy, natural pictures from photo booths are a great way to showcase your company without seeming like you’re doing a marketing campaign. In addition, the normal, relatable people you work with are the lifeblood of your company and will help flesh out your social media presence with images that will engender closeness and familiarity.

These pictures will also likely end up on social media anyway. So leveraging your employees’ social media use, maybe with a hashtag or branded pictures- is an organic way to create an honest social media presence.

Adding a Photo booth for Corporate and Non-Profit Events For You

Incorporating a photo booth into your corporate or non-profit event is a great way to raise spirits while accomplishing goals within your company. Ultimately, it’s a well-rounded tool that will help move your company forward. Check out our site for more information on how a photo booth will take your event to the next level.

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