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Photo booth + green screen: Transport your guests, transform your party

How many times in life have you had a perfect moment happen in the blink of an eye and afterward found yourself kicking yourself for not having it captured in a picture that you would treasure forever? Life does not always provide us with the perfect lighting, angle, weather and most people (unless you are a Kardashian) don’t have a professional photographer capturing your every movement. This is where Selfie Station can be a game changer.

Selfie Station is a photo booth entertainment company that can offer amazing opportunities to capture (or “recapture”) these rare moments using advanced green screen technology that can literally re-create any real life scene you can imagine.

A participant in a charity golf tournament getting the perfect picture in full swing with the gorgeous rolling hills of the course behind them. They are relaxed, no sun in their eyes, no wind blowing their hair in their face and a great smile. It’s the picture we all want, but never seem to get. This is the picture that Selfie Station can give you.

A guest at a Roaring 20s-themed charity gala is dressed to perfection with a fringed flapper dress and pristine finger curls in their hair can now have a picture that looks like they were plucked from a scene out of “The Great Gatsby” with the magic that only Selfie Station can deliver.

A runner who crossed the finish line of their first marathon — basically, the organic shots of these moments are generally NOT pretty — hair dripping with sweat, flushed face, soaked and clingy clothing and a look of utter exhaustion. With Selfie Station, these triumphant moments can look picture perfect.

Guests at a wedding whose bride and groom are heading to Paris on their honeymoon can feel part of the international fun by having a picture taken with the bride and groom with the Eiffel Tower and City of Lights in the background.

Check out our demos to see how you can use the green screen technology with your Selfie Station rental to make your event picture perfect.

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