Picture perfect Cinco de Mayo

Picture perfect Cinco de Mayo

Looking to add some extra spice to your Cinco de Mayo festivities? The immediate rental of a Selfie Station photo booth will do the trick. Whether you’re having a house party, a block party, or a town event, fun will be multiplied when partygoers face the camera.

This holiday is a celebration of Mexico’s unlikely victory over a French army in one battle on May 5, 1862. It’s all about persistence that produces positive results in the face of overwhelming odds. And many people are unaware of this. Cinco de Mayo is just a great late-spring opportunity to gather with friends, have a parade, and appreciate life. And that’s what makes it the perfect picture-taking opportunity. With the same alegría de vivir, revelers will seek out the Selfie Station cam to capture their memories and instantly share them via texts, social media, and email. This photo booth is equipped to make that happen.

Come up with a plan and the Selfie Station attendant will encourage picture-takers to use the photo booth’s green screen feature. And when the flash spots have cleared, they will see themselves in Mexico, maybe in Puebla. Use the photo booth’s background feature and they can find themselves in front of a map or a Mexican flag.

If the tequila and Tecate are flowing and the music makes people move their hips, you know your party is a hit, right? Probably, but the proof is in the pictures. This cute little uncovered photo booth captures people’s joy, and becomes the method by which addled memories are refreshed. Solidify the experience with printed pictures for each person and a Selfie Station-provided photo album for the party host or sponsor as well. The good times will become a great advertisement for the fun and camaraderie of your group, your neighborhood, or your city. This is an opportunity not to be missed. And it’s not too late.

Reserve your Selfie Station today. It will complete the picture of the perfect celebration!

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