Get instant recommendations for your business

Get instant recommendations for your business

You know that feeling your business wraps around your customers once they’ve come to you to give themselves a treat? The serene feeling they have after a spa visit. That fierce feeling after time in the salon chair. That glamorous feeling after a makeover. Capture those moments with a picture! Add a Selfie Station photo booth to your office or shop and get to snapping!

Their happiness is good for business

As a service provider, you’ve generated some positive feelings among a wide-ranging clientele base. Whether you operate a beauty shop, a nail salon, a spa or even a dentist office, a Selfie Station photo booth allows you to take advantage of the goodwill clients have after you’ve done your thing. What better time for your client to take a selfie than when they are looking and feeling good? When you have your own adorably compact Selfie Station in your space, complete with a background sporting your business name and logo, your customers are reminded to take that picture right then. And they can share it immediately as well via text or social media. Now they’ve provided you with instant publicity and a recommendation as well. They’ve also given you great material for your portfolio and costumer appreciation wall.

Collect information

But here’s a beautiful thing — just as beautiful as that newly styled customer: The Selfie Station can collect information that will help you know and better serve your clients. Even making sure you have their email addresses and phone numbers could benefit your business if you collect and use them. But a few extra questions could tell you what they really want, what they really like, and just how you’re doing. Those questions and answers could be gold for you. Rent or buy a Selfie Station and let us help your business find riches in an untapped data mine.

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