Selfie Station, the perfect prom date

You’ve got fabulous dresses, special transportation, flowers from spit-and-shined escorts, and you will have mom’s snapshots. When you reach the prom, the professional photographer will be there to get the perfectly posed, probably stiff-looking picture, and you may have your phones (although not many dresses have pockets, so maybe not.) Regardless, prom night is crying for the addition of a Selfie Station photo booth.

A job for the prom committee

Yes, more pictures are needed — pictures between the static ones taken as you’re leaving and the professional ones meant for frames on parents’ mantels. That’s where the Selfie Station photo booth comes in. Here’s where you can pull your closest friends into the pictures — even pull them in one at a time. Now, you can be your naturally goofy self, even put on a mustache. Now, you can look as if you like the person you’re with instead of scared of them. (Mom, you snapped too soon!) Now, you can see whether that pose you’ve been practicing looks as good as you thought, because it’s hard to tell with your arm in that awkward position holding the phone or even the selfie stick.

Have some fun with it

You can use the Selfie Station to create an album of the event. You can send out your favorite shots via social media to make sure the freshman remember they have something to look toward. You can let it prove to your suspicious dad that you really went to prom. But you can also trick him and let him think prom was in the big city more miles away than you were supposed to be. Or Vegas. Yeah, that’s where every dad not residing in the city wants to see his teenage daughter. Use the green screen to put yourself someplace intriguing, funny, even controversial. Create the perfect place! Do it for the fun of it. Prom night needs to have some fun and mirth mixed in with all that formal!

If you’re on the prom committee, make the call to rent at least one Selfie Station photo booth for the event. Don’t let dead phones and awkward arm shots ruin the night and the memories for you!

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