Frequently Asked Questions

Is it hard to set up?

No. Like everything with our product, set up is a snap. Based on running our Selfie Station business, we recommend you arrive an hour before any event in case there are issues with parking or access to electricity or where you should set up, but the actual set up takes 15-20 minutes. Let’s face it, you’ll probably get really good at it and do it in five.

How big is Selfie Station? Do I need a special vehicle to transport it?

The photo booth is 20 inches wide by 65 inches tall. It weighs 80 pounds, plus you will likely have backdrops, a printer and props. Based on running our Selfie Station business, you’ll need a vehicle with a large amount of cargo space, like a station wagon, SUV, truck or van.

How many people are required to transport and setup the Selfie Station?

It requires 2 people to transport and set up the photo booth, but only one person to operate it. The setup time is 15-20 minutes and you’re ready to go.

I’m excited about the idea of owning my own business. But I’m scared to give up my day job? How can I be sure?

It’s up to you. Think about when events happen, evenings and weekends. Can you schedule them around your day job? There are no restrictions on how much or when you work. It’s your business. You set your own hours and choose which events to work.

I’ve never owned my own business. Can anyone really do this?

The Selfie Station is perfect for first-time entrepreneurs. You can operate it all by yourself, or hire a couple of people to run it for you. Work as little or as much as you want.

Can I run a Selfie Station business in my city?

Wherever parties and events happen, Selfie Station can be a viable business.

At what type of events can I book my Selfie Station?

Anywhere people want to make lasting memories or companies want to make a lasting impact, like:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • High school reunions
  • Corporate retreats
  • Charity fundraisers
  • Birthday parties
  • Trade shows
  • Conventions
  • Mitzvahs
  • Graduations and other school events
  • Community sporting events
  • and many more!

How do I connect to the internet?

All Selfie Stations are Wi-Fi ready. If there’s no connection at your event, you can likely use your smart phone to get online. However, you should always ask your event organizer ahead of time so there are no surprises.

What kind of training do you offer?

Selfie Station owners receive training from our experienced staff so you’ll feel like a pro in no time. We’ll also go over how to troubleshoot any issues that may arise. While you don’t need any prior photo experience, we’ll teach you the best way to set up your Selfie Station to snap the best possible photos at every event.

Do you offer any marketing support?

We have an expert third party marketing company that has a proven track record of building a successful marketing platform for generating quality event leads. They can be contracted to provide Selfie Station owners with marketing programs that have been proven to yield results. This is a great way to “jump start” your business and get you booking events.

Does Selfie Station come with a warranty?

It does. It comes with a one-year warranty on all parts of the machine.

Can I customize messages on the photos?

A wide array of customization options are easily available to your clients.

I love the idea of owning my own Selfie Station business. How much money does it take to get started?

See our ownership packages here.