Holiday parties

Launch a photo booth business in time for the holiday party season

If you’ve walked into a store lately, you know what’s coming — holiday season! It may be a month or more early but the retail world is telling you to get ready. From Halloween and all the fall festival events to New Year’s Day, they want your business.

Watch for celebrations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah and the New Year. These are big family times coming up. Calendars are filling with multiple Thanksgiving dinners — one Thursday, one Saturday — to see multiple arms of the family. Christmas Eve party up north, dinner down south and breakfast somewhere in the middle — oh, the logistics of it all! It’s family, so it’s worth it. Start thinking pictures!

Season of events

But everyone gets in on schedule flexing. There will be school events, from preschool through college. Churches host dinners and plays. Businesses hold holiday parties for their employees. Cities sponsor festivals for their residents. And they are all making plans now, setting dates, renting event venues and hiring and reserving all the big and little things they need.

All of this means money spent.

It can also mean money earned for smart entrepreneurs. Crafters are deep into the making season, preparing handmade gifts and goodies for fairs and shops. This is their highest selling season. This season also flashes and snap-crackle-pops for the photo booth owner. And it’s not too late for the person dreaming of self-employment to get in on the holiday season rewards.

Selfie Station, just in time

If you were to call and purchase a Selfie Station photo booth today, your package would arrive in two to three weeks. Just in time for the holiday events you could begin booking right now. Every company, every family, every town wants their event to be memorable and special. The Selfie Station, with its aesthetic and tech appeal, can do that. And it’s is an easy sell.

Photo booth owners don’t just rake in the money at holiday season; they give the gift of happiness, make people smile and help make memories. The high-tech Selfie Station provides many ways to do that. From Gif-makers to photo filters to video options, the Selfie Station thrills and satisfies fun-seekers. Also, it allows for interaction with all those happy people in a way that owners of this booth say is fun and makes them happy too. Now that’s a way to celebrate the holidays.

It can be a hectic time of year, but it can be a profitable one, in multiple ways. But to get all that joy you’ve got to decide now and start booking tomorrow. And remember: One of the reasons this is such a great investment is because even when the new year is well-and-truly rung in, there’s still plenty of bookings for the Selfie Station owner to make. Festivals, business events, birthdays, parties and oh, all the weddings, are waiting year ’round to be improved by your photo booth.

Get a free Selfie Station buyer’s guide today and talk to a Selfie Station specialist to see if a photo booth business is right for you.