Men run photo booth businesses

This entrepreneur is changing his life

When you’re going to a job you don’t love, life feels like a drag. That’s not surprising; most full-time workers spend about 30 percent of their life at a job. Day in, day out of being bossed around, being on someone else’s schedule and seldom laughing can bring a person down. That is simply no way to spend nearly one-third of your life!

Kevin R in Pennsylvania had come to this conclusion himself during one his 12-hours shifts that just seemed to go on and on. He heard about a way to be his own boss, make his own schedule and make money – while meeting people and capturing their smiles and laughter as they celebrated life. He heard about the Selfie Station, looked into photo booth ownership and his entrepreneurial fire was lit.

Catching the Selfie Station wave

“I thought it’s time I tried something new. I wanted to catch this wave, so I jumped in.”

He moved quickly into photo booth ownership with financing help. Although he is working his new business part-time, around the 7 am to 7 pm job that sucks up two weekends a month of his life, he is going after it with gusto. He’s filling his other weekends with weddings and parties. He has even provided his services and his sleek, high-tech Selfie Station at a celebrity gala for a Philadelphia-area sports star. Kevin has also booked some corporate events, which aren’t relegated to weekends, and he’s relishing the variety. “I’m not sticking to one thing. I can make money at this.”

He’s also eating up the fun. “I like meeting new people; I love mingling.”

And he’s loving the clients’ reactions. “The customers are blown away by it. They haven’t seen technology like this.” They ooh and ahh over the 32’’ vertical touchscreen monitor. They enjoy the things they can do with each picture, from filters to GIFs. Then they send it off to social media, text or email. They also appreciate the modern design. “One guy said, ‘They said you had a booth. This isn’t a booth. This is like a professional photo shoot.’”

Kevin says the umbrella for lighting and the high-quality pictures produced by the DSLR and HD cameras impressed that customer. The small amount of space the Selfie Station uses also has been a pleasant surprise for clients as well — especially the client with bad measurements. It forced Kevin to improvise and he practically set up in a doorway. He is glad to report the event was a success and the client was thrilled.

Positive outlook

Kevin is looking toward a positive future owning a photo booth. The allure of eventually having complete control of his schedule and actually enjoying his work keeps him revved up. He says he’s going to make his Selfie Station photo booth business his full-time job as soon as he can. “I love doing this.”

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