Selfie Station


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Selfie Station takes high quality pictures using a professional DSLR camera, then guests edit and personalize photos using the 32-inch vertical, interactive touchscreen. With easy-to-use filters and backgrounds, the post-production is as much fun as posing.

After the grins and guffaws, guests have the option to share their photos using email, text, Facebook, and Twitter as well as print them for fridges, desks and scrapbooks. The simple, easy to operate Selfie Station is a hit at events, large and small (and in between, too), like weddings, anniversaries, festivals, school events, community events, charity events, corporate parties and events, trade shows, birthdays, bar mitzvahs and any other milestone event you can imagine.

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  • Share photos via social media, email or text.
  • Super fast, high quality printer
  • Customize frames to make events even more memorable
  • Green screen technology transports people to the limits of their imaginations
  • Filters make post-production fun
  • Online photo album
  • Animated GIFs
  • Old school film strip prints

Call us at 800-965-0150 and talk to a Selfie Station specialist who will walk you through the process. We are invested in your success. We will talk over the particulars of your market and make sure Selfie Station is a good fit in your area.

“I love seeing people happy. Selfie Station definitely does that at every event. It has allowed me to make extra income while doing something fun and enjoyable. Owning a Selfie Station has been a great opportunity. It was well worth the investment!”

— Noemi F., Selfie Station Owner