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Launch a photo booth business in time for the holiday party season

Holiday parties

If you’ve walked into a store lately, you know what’s coming — holiday season! It may be a month or more early but the retail world is telling you to get ready. From Halloween and all the fall festival events to New Year’s Day, they want your business. Watch for celebrations for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah… Read more »

Trillion dollar corporate meeting industry a click away

Selfie Station at destination colorado booth

Think about this for a minute: More than 1.8 million corporate meetings and events are being held each year. They produce more than a trillion dollars in direct and indirect spending. That’s a trillion. Not a billion. We can’t even count that high. Become a Selfie Station owner As an owner of Selfie Station, you… Read more »

Selfie Station is your date to all the best parties and events

Selfie Station photo booth business

If you’re looking for a way to gain entrée into the hottest parties around—and make money doing it — the Selfie Station is for you. The station, available to purchase, promises to improve all sorts of events, ranging from corporate parties to weddings. Below are examples of how you, as a Selfie Station owner, can… Read more »

Snap into a growing industry

Selfie Station growing industry

The event business is growing rapidly. The best part, there’s no clear front runner in this $5 billion industry.