photo booth business

Alex smiles his way through graduate school with a photo booth business

Have you ever been at a crossroads in your life? Knowing something needed to change and soon? Alex G was there. He knew the job he was doing wasn’t going to work out and he was ready to move on. Around the same time he learned about the Selfie Station opportunity, and photo booth ownership jived with his entrepreneurial plans.

Alex had recently returned to school with a major in entrepreneurship and business. He says owning and operating a photo booth fit well with his goals. He bought a Selfie Station and has decided his photo booth entertainment business will be his full-time job while he’s in school.

As his own businessman, not under any franchise obligations and not answering to a boss other than himself, Alex is looking at the real possibility of being able to make full-time money with part-time hours. He’s found learning to operate his Selfie Station system easy and the support materials thorough and helpful. He’s also found that his ultra-modern, high-tech, freestanding Selfie Station is not a hard sell.

Selfie Station’s sellable features

People want what the Selfie Station entertainment system has to offer – from its hookup to social media to its photo-enhancing filters. The 32-inch touchscreen monitor makes it easy to send texts and emails or create GIFs and videos. It’s software makes it possible to create digital frames and hashtags for publicity and marketing purposes. In less than a month after getting his Selfie Station, Alex had more than 10 bookings on his calendar.

Like any good business owner, he’s prepared to make adjustments to his plans and strategies along the way. But he’s hopeful and sees a plethora of opportunities. He’s moving and shaking, wheeling and dealing. He has contracted with Peoria, Ariz., to set up his photo booth at multiple city events. He’s landed some expo business and will work one while selling himself at his own booth. He is sure he will be able to acquire more bookings at those events. He’s in contact with other Phoenix suburbs to contract for events for them as well. He’s optimistic and working a plan.

“I’m focusing more on the corporate customer and big events because that’s where the real money is,” he says. “But I’m open to any event.” He is, in fact, talking to the groom of a fast-approaching wedding about joining that party. That could end up moving ahead of the other events on his calendar. Photo booth ownership makes you flexible!

Career independence

Alex oozes excitement about what Selfie Station means to his future. Freedom, he says. It gives him control of his schedule, and in many ways, his finances. As a photo booth owner, he can practically work as much as he wants.

Alex may be strongly business-minded but one of the most thrilling things for him about owning a Selfie Station is the pleasure that comes with it. “It’s not really a job. You’re having fun and making whatever event it is fun for other people. Folks are already having fun, and to be a part of that is great.” He says he looks forward to “being silly and goofing around with the people, and yet I’m still going to be making money.”

There’s not much hard about this opportunity, Alex says. “It’s not difficult to have fun.”

If you want your job to lift you up instead of dragging you down, follow Alex’s example – consider photo booth ownership. Contact Selfie Station and see how it can fit into your community and change your life.