Selfie Station at destination colorado booth

Trillion dollar corporate meeting industry a click away

Think about this for a minute: More than 1.8 million corporate meetings and events are being held each year. They produce more than a trillion dollars in direct and indirect spending. That’s a trillion. Not a billion. We can’t even count that high.

Become a Selfie Station owner

As an owner of Selfie Station, you can become part of the corporate meetings economy. Business and meeting planners will want to leverage your photo booth to promote and advertise at their events. And businesses will use your photo booth to lure customers to their booths at crowded conventions. In fact, several businesses coming to your town for a large convention may want to rent Selfie Station photo entertainment booths.

As an owner of a Selfie Station, you can set the rental price and own your own business. This will be 100 percent yours, as Selfie Station does not franchise.

Make corporate meetings fun

Businesses and planners who hire you will love the ability customize images with their logos, products and beyond. Their customers will love to tweet out selfies featuring this branded content, creating instant advertising. They will appreciate that their customers and clients are enjoying themselves. And businesses will love the fact that they get the email addresses and phone numbers of the people who take the photos.

More than 1.8 million corporate meetings and events. The opportunity is basically limitless for the photo booth owner.

Call a Selfie Station specialist today at 800-965-0150 to assess whether this opportunity is a good fit for you and your market.