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Graduation: A time to savor the memories and achievements

The springtime is full of changes. The air gets warmer, flowers bloom, and new futures begin. For some, this time of change represents a big step in their life. For some young people, this is the big step from high school to college. There is no better way than to honor your son or daughter’s hard work than throwing a graduation party.

A graduation party is a great event to have because the overall theme is always about achievement. Going from the pomp and circumstance of receiving a diploma to a gathering of family and friends will give any grad the confidence to go forward bravely into the future.

From the themed decorations of their future alma mater’s colors to the fight song playing on an ipod, the dream will get very real. Friends from school can come and share future aspirations with each other and make the world their oyster. And what better way to capture all of this than to have a Selfie Station at your event.

Not only is a Selfie Station a fun interactive addition to your son or daughter’s grad party, it will provide physical memories to your guests. With high quality prints and a customized border with your kid’s name and future college, it will make the experience so much more surreal for everyone. Being able to provide these memory including prints will give everyone something to remember their friend or relative’s big day with.

Selfie Station is just the interactive experience you want to give to all your friends and family. Act today and make your son or daughter’s graduation party one of the biggest moments of their young lives.

Selfie StationSelfie StationSelfie StationSelfie Station

Selfie Station generated lots of foot traffic to our booth and our clients had so much fun with it.

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