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Idaho sets wedding trends, from lawn games to photo booths

Two things surprise outsiders about Idaho—its natural beauty and its status as a top place for marriages in the country. People here can pick incredibly scenic venues—such as Idaho Castle in Hope or Shore Lodge on Lake McCall—but weddings here are a personal statement, a symbol and celebration of a deeper commitment. From Grace Sandpoint Bible College set on acres near the cabinet mountains to tiny church sanctuaries, people consider how to make their wedding meaningful more than how to make them trend on Twitter.

While trends in weddings may be running toward industrial, rustic is still in in Idaho. And as greenery trends nationally right now, that’s nothing new here. Plants rule the decor. In Idaho they go both local and gourmet with the menu sometimes; Idaho sturgeon caviar, known as the American Beluga, appears on some wedding menus. But Idahoans have a lot of fun too; along with wedding cake you might get an Idaho ice cream potato. (No potatoes were baked for this dessert that looks like a baked potato.) As for entertainment, if yard games are the trend, Idaho might have set it. From cornhole to potato sack races, Idahoans keep their guests entertained at weddings.

Although winter weddings might enjoy a bit less of the outdoors, one piece of entertainment is universal, bucking trends, and defying weather—the photo booth. The photo booth is becoming as necessary as the wedding ring. It’s becoming as much a mainstay as the first dance tradition. It’s a must-have! Idahoans are making sure photo booths are a part of their wedding day and receptions because they capture memories for not just the bride and groom but for the wedding guests, too. They create fun as well as wedding favors. They spark guest activity and involvement. Even great-aunt Sue is picking up props and haltingly making her way over to the photo booth. Photo booths make down times active. Those long minutes waiting for the bride and groom to arrive suddenly breeze by as guests mug for the camera.

Book a Selfie Station

No matter what type of entertainment you have, don’t forgo the photo booth. Put it on your list or tell your wedding planner to make sure it’s booked. Make the decision even better by choosing a photo booth with all the perks, including a connection to social media, slo-mo and personal video options, and photo filters. Selfie Station, a high-tech system boasting a spectacular 32’’ screen, DSLR camera and HD web cam, offers all the bells and whistles.

Another beautiful thing about the Selfie Station is that it’s beautiful. It is freestanding, sleek, and compact. It fits in at any wedding, from casual to elegant. A Selfie Station photo booth owner will set it up and stay in attendance to help guests use all the features. Hashtag your wedding and send out those filter-full photos on Instagram and Facebook. Text them to the people who couldn’t make it. As each guest takes home a personalized picture, the newlyweds will have an album available as proof of all the fun that was had.

As more people discover the advantages of photo booths at their events, some areas struggle to fill all the wedding engagements. Call and book a Selfie Station now.

Selfie StationSelfie StationSelfie StationSelfie Station

Selfie Station generated lots of foot traffic to our booth and our clients had so much fun with it.

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