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Photo booth captures magic of Spring formal

This is it. It’s the big night at the end of the spring. Your sorority formal is finally here. You’ve got the perfect theme picked out, you’ve made awards for all your sisters. The charter buses are lined up and your exec board has given you the OK to get everything paid for. Don’t be afraid to have the formal however you want, you’re in control. It’s not your problem if a sister or two doesn’t like the local country club, it’s about your vision coming together.

Yet this exciting, gaudy, atmosphere is still missing one key element. The prizes you can flaunt at rival organizations. The gem of the event.

This is, the photo booth. They capture memories not just for your sisters, but for everybody going. They print out physical keepsakes you can hang on your wall with your other polaroids you’ve collected over the years. No matter what type of formal or wherever it is, you cannot forgo the photo booth. And don’t just limit yourself to one that does prints. Let your sisters have the option to share right to their social media.

People who didn’t get a hot date will feel jealous of how much fun you and your sisters are sharing on twitter. Not only is this photo booth convenient and multi faceted, it is sleek, sexy, and shiny. It’ll catch your guests eye without turning them off.

A Selfie station photo booth owner will set up and run the whole thing for you, so you can be #Flawless for the rest of the evening without worry.

Selfie StationSelfie StationSelfie StationSelfie Station

Selfie Station generated lots of foot traffic to our booth and our clients had so much fun with it.

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