Simi Valley Photo Booth Rentals

The Selfie Station has taken indoor and outdoor events to the next level. Selfie stations are a unique and fun way to immediately share the fun and exciting experience of any event, such as a wedding, birthday, prom, or graduation. Selfie Stations are popular at charity events as well because they can draw in more people, allowing them to interact with one another, leading to more donations. They are an expansion of the original photo booth. The original photo booth crammed people in to a very tiny space with hopes of catching a funny or unique photo. Selfie stations offer plenty of room for everyone. The Selfie Station is a 32″ interactive, touch screen monitor that is an entertainment center piece, attracting strangers and turning them in to friends.

Most functions can be overwhelming and difficult to meet new people. Selfie Stations are a creative and engaging way to break the ice at any party. Guests can take numerous selfies in one setting and immediately share the results by either email or social media. Wi-Fi is also available for sharing the picture son Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Guests can add funny captions of hashtags to personalize their photos. Guests can also text their picture directly from the selfie station to their contacts in their smartphones.

The Selfie Station has many options to make sure you take a memorable photo. One of the more popular features is called the Green Screen. The Green Screen allows for guests to use a blank green screen as a backdrop and edit their picture to anything their imagination desires. They can choose from swimming with sharks in the middle of the ocean, climbing Great Pyramids, or perching on top of the Eiffel Tower. The Selfie Station also offers different backdrops ranging from solid colors, space, the desert, or the beach. Guests can also make their own custom backdrop that matches a theme from the Green Screen. Once the guests decide on a background, the can choose the type of filter for the overall color scheme of their photo. They can choose from black, white, cartoon, mosaic, as well as sketch pad, night, or pixel art. There are many variations that guests can try to find the best filter for their picture.

Every event that has booked a Selfie Station will have a personal Selfie Station Attendant. This attendant is available for all pictures to help guests feel comfortable and relaxed so they can produce a great photo. The attendant will take the pictures, customize any themes or backdrops, and edit the photo. All selfies stations packages include the photo booth, social media sharing, email, text messaging, and an online gallery where guests can view all of the pictures taken during the event. There are additional options available that guests can purchase as well. Some of these add-ons include larger prints, scrapbooks, customized photo frames, or an Instagram printing station which prints 4×6 photos, allowing guests to take home their souvenirs by the end of the event.