Stand out with the best photo booth

Get invited to all the best parties

If you’re a photo booth owner who’s built your business on weddings and birthday parties, we’ve got a tip for you. Businesses can build your business. They are looking for what you’ve got — if you have a state-of-the-art, high-tech photo booth like Selfie Station. You can legitimately sell yourself as a marketing wizard. Selfies… Read more »

Foodies and photos say, ‘yum’

Selfie Station festival season

Beer, Shakespeare, jazz, and artichokes. What do they have in common? The ability to draw people together for a celebratory, party-like atmosphere. Welcome to festival season! Event planners are scrambling to make their berry festival sweeter, their pork fests more savory, their art and wine events more approachable. A Selfie Station photo booth supplies that… Read more »

Selfie Station at your trade show is a big draw

Selfie Station trade show with Krave Jerky

When you’re setting up your booth at a trade show, convention, or expo, you want to include a Selfie Station photo booth! Let our booth help your booth be the favorite of the show. Photo booths attract people, and isn’t that the goal of being a part of the trade show? Being a favorite at… Read more »

For the perfect festival add beer, wine, food and Selfie Station

Selfie Station photo booth at San Diego Beer Week

When you’re already at an outdoor festival, enjoying life, fresh air, and probably food, beer, and wine, what more do you need? You need a way to capture the memories! You need Selfie Station photo booths stationed around the event. Like a giant phone, the photo booth encourages people to make a face or turn… Read more »

Selfie Station: Official photo booth of Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl NFL on Location Selfie Station

SAN DIEGO — Selfie Station was honored to represent the National Football League on Location as the official photo platform for Super Bowl 50, February 7, 2016. At 10 different locations throughout Levi’s Stadium, Selfie Station took thousands of branded souvenir photos for the fans in attendance that they can share instantly via Facebook, Twitter,… Read more »