Selfie Station

Essential for a rocking graduation party

You know food is just about the most important thing at any party, and when the guests are swarms of teens, food will be essential. But after food and drink, the thing that is going to make your graduation party memorable is the memory-maker, the Selfie Station photo booth. It doesn’t take up much space,… Read more »

Foodies and photos say, ‘yum’

Selfie Station festival season

Beer, Shakespeare, jazz, and artichokes. What do they have in common? The ability to draw people together for a celebratory, party-like atmosphere. Welcome to festival season! Event planners are scrambling to make their berry festival sweeter, their pork fests more savory, their art and wine events more approachable. A Selfie Station photo booth supplies that… Read more »

Picture perfect Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo with Selfie Station

Looking to add some extra spice to your Cinco de Mayo festivities? The immediate rental of a Selfie Station photo booth will do the trick. Whether you’re having a house party, a block party, or a town event, fun will be multiplied when partygoers face the camera. This holiday is a celebration of Mexico’s unlikely… Read more »

Selfie Station, the life of the party

Google's Selfie Station photo booth

It’s summertime and party season is upon us — Independence Day barbecues, family reunions, and company picnics. Capture the memories by renting a Selfie Station photo booth. Make it part of the entertainment plan because somehow it inspires people to become their own entertainment! The guests look for the photo booth instead of the photographer… Read more »

For the perfect festival add beer, wine, food and Selfie Station

Selfie Station photo booth at San Diego Beer Week

When you’re already at an outdoor festival, enjoying life, fresh air, and probably food, beer, and wine, what more do you need? You need a way to capture the memories! You need Selfie Station photo booths stationed around the event. Like a giant phone, the photo booth encourages people to make a face or turn… Read more »

Activities to add to the photo booth fun

What do you get when you mix adventurous people, activities and a Selfie Station photo booth? A good time, of course! Here are a couple of activities to try at your next event, whether it’s a corporate meeting or a bar mitzvah. Vogue! Have the fun people use the green screen feature and strike a… Read more »

The games people play using a Selfie Station photo booth

Selfie Station photo booth with props

A Selfie Station photo booth has the potential to liven up your event by its mere presence. (It’s charismatic that way.) But add some fun and laughs, and help your guests interact by adding a some games. Here are three ideas. You need a Selfie Station photo booth … and a hat. Have people pick… Read more »

Why you want a Selfie Station photo booth at your wedding

Selfie Station weddings

After the wedding, the bride and groom remember being happy, dancing, smiling, and greeting the guests. But who was there? What did Aunt Jane whisper in your ear? No matter the size of the event, the bride and groom can be so overwhelmed they remember only snippets of the day. What they need after the… Read more »

Your child’s birthday prop-erly celebrated with a photo booth

Selfie Station children's parties

It starts young, the desire to study your own image, to pose, to love the camera. It’s part of the process of growing up, learning about yourself and establishing your identity. Encourage that self-love and identity building at your child’s next birthday party by renting a Selfie Station photo booth for the event! Any birthday… Read more »