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Take your high school reunion to the next level

Let’s be honest, a lot has changed since you were in high school. Just to be frank, denim skirts are out and boy bands have lost their swag. But the most obvious change from the 1990s to the new millennium is the evolution of technology.

Back in the day, getting photos of you and your friends would be an arduous trip down to the drug store, handing over your film rolls and waiting for them to be developed. There was no sweeter feeling than getting those prints and framing some of the best memories of your life.

But now, with a photo booth, your high school reunion can be film free. Forget about box cameras, your former classmates and alumnae will all be dying to get in front of a photo booth and pose for the camera. You’ll love the fun of shouting “whassssssup” in front of the camera with all your best friends from your high school years.

Best of all, no waiting for prints. With a Selfie Station, high definition photos for you and your classmates print in a flash. Gone are the days of crowding into a photo booth at the galleria. You can now have your photo strips on demand, all night long.

Selfie Station can make you a customized border and color frame to fit your school’s class year and motto which they can instantly share via text or email and even social media via Twitter or Facebook.

Whether you are a lion, tiger or bear, your mascot can be on each and every photo to capture the enduring school spirit you have kept for years.

Without a doubt, a Selfie Station will give everyone the smiles and memories reminiscent of when they were in their high school years together. You can find more information about renting a Selfie Station for your next school class reunion right here!

Selfie StationSelfie StationSelfie StationSelfie Station

Selfie Station generated lots of foot traffic to our booth and our clients had so much fun with it.

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