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Top Sweet 16 birthday party trends for 2020

It goes without saying you want your little girl to have a really special and glamorous sweet 16 party. From the decorations, to the guest list, to the theme, it’s a huge undertaking for parents. These are 5 of the top trends for sweet 16’s for 2020

1. #Hashtag the party
Social media is huge. And teenagers love social media. So, definitely make sure to #Hashtag the event! This will get your daughter’s party all the buzz she could want on hers and her friends social networks. She’ll be #Thankful for the idea.

2. Don’t bother with a dinner: Keep it simple with snacks!
It is very expensive to cater a full event for a large group of kids and parents. So skip on a giant buffet and just get small snacks. Kids will be moving around constantly and won’t have time to eat a dinner. Make it easier on the guests as well as your wallet.

3. Selfie Station Photo Booth
Maybe 20 years ago they were called photo booths, but this current generation’s obsession with selfies has changed the game. There is a huge market for event photo booths that can be rented with ease. They do high quality pictures and prints on site for your daughter’s big day. The kids will love taking selfies and sharing them on social media with your daughter’s hashtag!

4. A party for the parents
If you really want to be accommodating, why not provide an adults only VIP section? You can have mocktails (or even cocktails, whatever your style is), and get acquainted with your child’s classmates parents. It will also put them at ease if they are able to hang around for a few minutes and enjoy the ambiance

5. Pick an age-appropriate theme
Unfortunately, your daughter probably won’t want to have a “Frozen”-themed birthday party. There are age appropriate themes out there that are also family friendly. Neon dance party, Oscars red carpet, whatever your daughter wants, there is probably something close to it!

Selfie StationSelfie StationSelfie StationSelfie Station

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