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The surprising trends in weddings that fly in Illinois

When planning a wedding in Illinois, people immediately think Chicago. And with good reason. The number and variety of venues there is phenomenal. From the Field Museum to the Chicago Botanic Garden. From the Crystal Gardens at Navy Pier to to historic Café Brauer. But Illinois boasts beautiful and intimate settings for weddings throughout the state. Brides and grooms seek the charm of Whispering Winds Gazebo at Glazebrook Park in Godfrey or Tuscan Hills Winery in Effingham. Whether they go for urban or rural, count on Illinoisans to make their weddings personal statements, a symbol and celebration of a deeper commitment. And if they buck the trends to do this, so be it.

So while trends in weddings may be running toward industrial, rustic, though perhaps toned down, is still in in Illinois. Urban dwellers here also may skip the pipes and bulbs and just stick to elegant. Illinois embraced the greenery trend before it was a trend. More foliage than flowers shows up in décor. And bouquets often look like they were plucked straight from the backyard garden; they make them bigger, fuller, and lusher by adding greenery. This is the perfect backdrop for the release of doves. Yes, they do that here.

As for the menu, anything mini is a hit — mini-donuts, mini-burgers, mini-tacos, mini-Chicago-style hot dogs. And food trucks may already be passé on the coasts, but they are still driving right up to weddings in Illinois. Brides and grooms here see no reason to kick this trends in weddings to the curb and lose that fun and variety so quickly.

These are the same savvy couples who will not bypass the photo booth as part of their entertainment. It is becoming as necessary as the wedding ring, as much a mainstay as the first dance tradition. The photo booth is a must-have! And those getting married in Illinois are making sure photo booths are a part of all the wedding events, from pre-parties to after-parties.

It’s important to choose a good photo booth that will capture memories for the wedding guests and for the bride and groom; they can review the pictures later and have them forever. Choose a high-tech system that boasts connections to social media, the ability to text, and will provide an album of the photos taken for the newlyweds. Selfie Station offers all the bells and whistles.

Rent a Selfie Station

Selfie Station is a cutting-edge photo entertainment system with a spectacular 32-inch screen, DSLR camera and HD web cam. Guests enjoy using the slo-mo and personal video options as well as a slew of photo filters. It sparks guest activity and involvement. Photo booths make down times active. Those long minutes waiting for the bride and groom to arrive suddenly breeze by as guests mug for the camera. Even great-aunt Mable is picking up props and haltingly making her way over to the photo booth. It creates fun as well as wedding favors; the pictures can be printed out in customized frames. Instant wedding favor.

Another beautiful thing about the Selfie Station is that it’s beautiful. It is freestanding, sleek, and compact. It fits in at any wedding, from casual to elegant. A Selfie Station photo booth owner will set it up and stay in attendance to help guests use all the features. Hashtag your wedding and send out those filter-full photos on Instagram and Facebook.

No matter what type of entertainment you have, don’t forgo the photo booth. Put it on your list or tell your wedding planner to make sure it’s booked. As more people discover the advantages of photo booths at their events, some areas struggle to fill all the wedding engagements. Call and book a Selfie Station early.

Selfie StationSelfie StationSelfie StationSelfie Station

Selfie Station generated lots of foot traffic to our booth and our clients had so much fun with it.

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