Why you want a Selfie Station photo booth at your wedding

Why you want a Selfie Station photo booth at your wedding

After the wedding, the bride and groom remember being happy, dancing, smiling, and greeting the guests. But who was there? What did Aunt Jane whisper in your ear?

No matter the size of the event, the bride and groom can be so overwhelmed they remember only snippets of the day. What they need after the wedding is a memory booster. Therefore, what every wedding reception needs is a Selfie Station photo booth! The bride and groom will end up with a wonderful collection of pictures that remind them who shared their big day. Additionally, this photo booth can provide action and voices via the video messaging feature.

Those clever wedding guests

The Selfie Station lets the guests choose their moment to toast the happy couple. No getting a camera unexpectedly thrust in their face to catch them sputtering to come up with something smart to say. Instead, when they know the clever line they want to deliver, the Selfie Station photo booth is right there, ready to capture 10 seconds of their wit, wisdom or sentimentality. Encourage Aunt Jane to head over to the Selfie Station with her whispered advice.

And that pithy statement won’t be forgotten and forever lost among all the day’s whispers and congratulations. Thanks to the Selfie Station photo booth the newlyweds have a special gift, a collection of aww moments from all those in attendance!

Preserved memories

Guess what else the Selfie Station can do? It can provide the bride and groom with a photo album of all the pictures taken. No scrapbooking necessary on this one. The happy couple should make sure they get some pictures snapped at the photo station and get some with their guests too! All your photo albums from this day should be about you!

Be sure to check out all the Selfie Station features offers and use it to increase your guests’ enjoyment of the event.

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